Ways To Interrupt Someone Politely In English

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Dalam penggunaan bahasa Inggris ada banyak ungkapan yang bisa digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. salah satu ungkapan yang perlu diketahui adalah tentang bagaimana cara menginterupsi seseorang dengan cara yang baik dan sopan.

berikut ini merupakan langkah-langkah untuk dapat interaksi seseorang dengan depan dan juga baik.

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contoh ungkapan

Sure, here’s a brief overview of ways to interrupt someone politely in English:

  1. Use Their Name: Begin with the person’s name to grab their attention. For example: “John, could I add something here?”
  2. Apologize: Start with a polite apology to acknowledge the interruption. For instance: “Sorry to interrupt, but…”
  3. Wait for a Pause: Look for a natural pause in the conversation before jumping in. When you notice a break, say something like: “If I may interject…”
  4. Non-verbal Cues: Use non-verbal cues such as raising your hand or making eye contact to signal that you have something to say.
  5. Be Brief: Keep your interruption brief and to the point to minimize disruption. For example: “Just a quick note…”
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contoh ungkapan instruksi dengan sopan

  1. “Excuse me, Sarah, may I interject for a moment?”
  2. “Sorry to interrupt, but I have some relevant information to share.”
  3. “If I could just add something here, John.”
  4. “Pardon me, but I think this relates to what we were discussing earlier.”
  5. “Could I jump in for a quick clarification, please?”
  6. “Just a quick point, if I may, before we move on.”
  7. “Sarah, may I offer a different perspective on this?”

Percakapan 1

Andy: So, as I was saying, our sales have been increasing steadily over the past few months.

Linda: Excuse me, Andy, but I have some data that might be relevant to what you’re discussing.

Andy: Oh, sure, go ahead, Linda.

Linda: Thank you. Well, according to the latest market analysis, our competitor just launched a new product that could impact our sales strategy.

Andy: That’s important to know. Thanks for bringing that up, Linda.

Percakapan 2

Emma: So, I think we should focus on expanding our marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.

Alex: Excuse me, Emma, may I offer a different perspective on this?

Emma: Of course, Alex. Go ahead.

Alex: Thank you. While I agree with the idea of expanding our marketing, I believe we should prioritize targeting our existing customer base first.

Emma: That’s an interesting point, Alex. Could you elaborate on that?

Alex: Sure, I think…

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Latihan Soal

  1. Pilih kalimat yang tepat untuk menginterupsi seseorang dengan sopan:
    a) “Hey, stop talking! I have something important to say!”
    b) “Excuse me, may I add something to the conversation?”
    c) “Listen up! I need to interrupt you right now!”
  2. Lengkapi kalimat berikut dengan ekspresi yang tepat untuk menginterupsi dengan sopan:
    “Sorry to _, but I have a question about the project.”
  3. Pilih ekspresi yang tepat untuk memulai interupsi dengan sopan:
    a) “I’m sorry, but…”
    b) “Shut up for a moment, please.”
    c) “Yo, listen!”
  4. Buatlah kalimat interupsi yang sopan berdasarkan situasi berikut:
    Situasi: Kamu ingin menambahkan informasi tambahan saat rekan kerjamu sedang berbicara.
    Jawaban: _?
  5. Lengkapi percakapan berikut dengan ekspresi yang tepat untuk menginterupsi dengan sopan:
    A: “As I was saying, our sales have increased by 15% this quarter.”
    B: “Excuse me, John, may I provide some insight on this topic?”
    A: “Sure, go ahead.”

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