Ways to Make a Suggestion, Langkah Mudah Memberikan Saran, Berikut Contohnya


Materi Bahasa Inggris tentang “Ways to Make a Suggestion” akan membahas berbagai cara untuk memberikan saran atau usulan dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Ini adalah keterampilan penting dalam berkomunikasi karena memungkinkan seseorang untuk berkontribusi dalam pembuatan keputusan dan merencanakan kegiatan bersama. Berikut adalah rincian materi yang bisa disajikan:

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– Penjelasan tentang pentingnya memberikan saran atau usulan dalam berbagai konteks, baik dalam konteks formal maupun informal.
– Mengapa penting untuk menggunakan bahasa yang sopan dan persuasif saat memberikan saran.

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Cara Memberikan Saran

1. Use the modal verb “should

Contoh: “You should try the new restaurant downtown.”
2. Use “Why don’t we/you

Contoh: “Why don’t we go for a walk in the park?”
3. Use “Let’s”

Contoh: “Let’s have a picnic this weekend.”
4. Use “How about”

Contoh: “How about watching a movie tonight?”
5. Use “We could

Contoh: “We could visit the museum this afternoon.”

Ekspresi Tambahan

– Penggunaan ekspresi tambahan seperti “What if we” atau “I suggest that” untuk memberikan variasi dalam memberikan saran.
– Bagaimana menggunakan kata-kata yang memperkuat seperti “definitely” atau “absolutely” untuk menegaskan keinginan atau kesediaan untuk mengikuti saran tersebut.

Praktik dan Latihan

– Berbagai latihan untuk mempraktikkan penggunaan frasa-frasa ini dalam konteks yang berbeda.
– Bermain peran atau permainan peran untuk memberikan kesempatan kepada siswa untuk berlatih memberikan saran dalam situasi yang berbeda.

Contoh Kalimat

1. Menggunakan kata kerja modal “should”
– You should consider taking a break and going on vacation.
– She should try the new sushi place downtown. It’s fantastic!

2. Menggunakan “Why don’t we/you”
– Why don’t we have a picnic in the park this weekend?
– Why don’t you join us for dinner tonight?

3. Menggunakan “Let’s”
– Let’s go for a walk along the beach tomorrow morning.
– Let’s organize a movie night with friends this Saturday.

4. Menggunakan “How about”
– How about going to the gym together after work?
– How about trying out that new Thai restaurant for lunch?

5. Menggunakan “We could”
– We could have a potluck dinner party at my place next weekend.
– We could volunteer at the local animal shelter on Saturday mornings.

Contoh Dialog

**Emma**: Hey, Mark! Do you have any plans for the weekend?

**Mark**: Not really, I haven’t thought about it yet. Any suggestions?

**Emma**: Well, why don’t we go for a hike in the mountains? The weather forecast says it’s going to be sunny.

**Mark**: Hmm, that sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure if I’m up for such a strenuous activity.

**Emma**: No worries! How about we have a picnic at the park instead? It’ll be more relaxed, and we can enjoy the sunshine.

**Mark**: That sounds perfect! I’m definitely in for a picnic.

**Emma**: Great! Let’s meet at the park around noon then. I’ll bring sandwiches, and you can bring some drinks.

**Mark**: Sounds like a plan. Oh, and how about we bring a Frisbee or a football to play some games?

**Emma**: Excellent idea! I’ll grab a Frisbee on my way to the park.

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Latihan Soal

1. Which phrase is commonly used to make a suggestion?
a) “I don’t know.”
b) “Let’s”
c) “That’s a bad idea.”
d) “I’m not sure.”

2. Which sentence is an example of making a suggestion using “should”?
a) “Why don’t we go to the beach?”
b) “Let’s try the new Italian restaurant.”
c) “You should watch this movie; it’s really good.”
d) “We could go for a hike in the mountains.”

3. How do you make a suggestion using “How about”?
a) “We could have a barbecue.”
b) “You should try this dish.”
c) “How about going to the concert tonight?”
d) “Let’s go for a walk.”

4. What is a common way to make a suggestion using “Let’s”?
a) “I think you should read this book.”
b) “How about we try a different approach?”
c) “Let’s go for a bike ride.”
d) “We could visit the museum.”

5. Which phrase is a polite way to suggest something?
a) “That’s a terrible idea.”
b) “I’m not interested.”
c) “Perhaps we could try something else.”
d) “I don’t think so.”

6. Which sentence correctly uses “Why don’t we” to make a suggestion?
a) “Let’s go to the movies tonight.”
b) “You should join the gym.”
c) “Why don’t we try a new hobby?”
d) “We could go for a swim at the pool.”

7. Which phrase is used to make a suggestion more casual?
a) “We could”
b) “How about”
c) “You should”
d) “I suggest”

8. How do you suggest an activity using “We could”?
a) “Why don’t we go for a hike?”
b) “We could try that new café for lunch.”
c) “Let’s watch a movie.”
d) “You should visit your family.”

9. What is the main purpose of making a suggestion?
a) To criticize someone
b) To share an opinion
c) To give instructions
d) To offer a solution

10. Which phrase is a polite way to express disagreement with a suggestion?
a) “I hate that idea.”
b) “That sounds boring.”
c) “I prefer a different option.”
d) “You’re wrong.”

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